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Simulator MD’s Message

My focus is empowering the skills of our students and customers.

Carefully designed and professionally presented, our trainings are resulting in highest standard performance.

Albert Einstein said once: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work…”

We are not in position to give that 1% to you. But those 99% is our promise.

Simulator About US It is the time of booming requirement in training of aviation professionals in India. Training offers varies in type, quality, length, quantity, content and price.
We are taking opportunity and responsibility to set a World Class training Center for aviation personnel. Our goal is to become All Asia cost effective Training Center of customer choice.

Partnership between SimTech India and Braathens Training (Sweden) creates a model which enables design of quality training at reduced cost. Well experienced Trainers, dedicated to their job, of both the partners are resulting in proper understanding of customer’s needs. Our administration work before and after training, records and operational support are resulting in best trained, satisfied customer at the end.

Simulator Training

Our courses are covering a range from refresher training for pilots, over Type Rating Training to Instructor’s Training. Different courses are specially designed to meet requirements of modern trainee,aswellas experienced pilot. Flexibility is tool which helps us to design well balanced Program for each Course, and to combine special needs of customers into Program in accordance with legal requirements.

Type Ratings

Engineering Not a front player in public view, aircraft engineer is one of the key factors of safe aircraft’s operation.We understand that fact giving our full attention to it. Ground and flight engineers of modern airline are well educated ,systematic, precise, responsible and highly trained. During our training, we are systematically improving all their skills, bringing them (and then keeping them) on highest level throughout our courses.

Type Ratings

Cabin Friendly, smiling faces of aircraft’s cabin crew will not help much in case of accident. However, combining it with person properly trained in safety and security procedures will ensure that airline passengers may enjoy every minute of their safe flight. Most advanced equipment and Training methods in abnormal and emergency procedures, as per aircraft type and specifics, are resulting in top all condition performance, and that is our commitment and responsibility.